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Are you ready to experience a new way of doing therapy?
At HC Studios, our mission is to think differently about therapy and our relationships with life and love. Here, we have a strong tendency to head straight into the pain, together, one step at a time.
Meet Seven


Jennifer "Seven" Avery-Williams,
Founder & Couples Specialist

Hi. I'm Seven. I am here to help you understand that therapy isn't for the broken -- it's for the bold. For 20 years, I have studied fear, vulnerability and courage, and now, it's time for us to rethink therapy. Let's get real. Let's get loose and let's get to the bottom of what's bothering you. My unique methods encourage self-discovery through curiosity and flexibility. I am here to walk you through those places of resistance in your life and get you on a better path to reimagine your relationships with life and love.

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Carlos Tavarez, MA, LLPC
Individual Wellbeing Specialist
Hannah Cook,
Couples & Individual Wellbeing Specialist
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Lexi Trotta
Client Care Specialist




“With my background in arts and entrepreneurship, I’ve always valued being self-sufficient and being able to find solutions to problems on my own. I’ve also struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, managed with a combination of exercise, medication, and just trying to power through. My anxiety was still increasing, but I couldn’t figure out why and was running out of ways to deal with it on my own. I initially reached out to Seven for help with identifying the roots of my anxiety which has led to a process of discovery and deeper understanding of myself, my family, and my values. She’s provided a safe place for me to start really acknowledging and processing my feelings rather than burying them to maintain composure and control.  Her insights on interpersonal relationships have been invaluable. Although I recognize now that this is just the beginning of a longer process, it has already been one of the most valuable investments that I have made for my career, relationships, and lifelong health.” 

— Artist


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