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No two people are the same, and because of this, we promise a tailored approach for each of our clients. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other issue, we will help you recognize the underlying problems. It’s time to lean in, get comfortable, and fully realize your strengths. The way we reimagine therapy will help you see your life and all that you love in a different, healthier way.


Individual Counseling_Hellcat Counseling

Individual Counseling

To us at HC Studios, therapy should be something you just do. Like going to your dentist, your eye doctor or your primary care physician. We are here to help you realize that you were born human, not broken. Individual therapy can help with a depth of issues, and it is generally focused on creating a healthy human development through a one-to-one relationship with your therapist. We work very hard to establish a safe zone where you can lean in, grow, repair and get stronger. We help you reframe the ideas you have around love, fear and vulnerability. Our techniques are designed to reduce the frequency and intensity of your symptoms so you can get back to worrying about the less serious things in life, like what’s for dinner? After your time with us, you will find yourself more psychologically minded -- more aware and more flexible -- and will likely see a big difference in the levels of intimacy and meaningful connections in your life.

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Couples Counseling

So you’re in a relationship and need some help? You are not alone -- not even close. In a relationship, sometimes it seems as if your imperfections -- or your partner’s --- are all that drive you. Well, HC Studios will help you and your partner co-create the change you need in your relationship. To start, couples therapy involves the therapist intentionally exploring the couple’s way of life. Couples bring their habits and routines with each other directly into the session, and we help you be more mindful of the dynamics of your relationship: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s okay to be open. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It won’t really work any other way. Couples therapy usually involves a direct focus on improving not only the communication pattern within the couple but other areas like sharing dreams, establishing patterns of fondness and admiration and improving the couple’s ability to navigate conflict. We will be your guide through it all, and offer feedback to help you and your partner create a deeper, more meaningful and long-lasting intimacy.

Youth Counseling_Hellcat Counseling_Sain

Youth Counseling

Many of the issues children face mimic the issues adults face in their day-to-day lives, including anxiety, depression, and grief. Oftentimes, “glitches” in these areas may not be easily visible to the people closest to the child and this is where a child therapist can help.


As small humans, children have difficulty understanding and coping with their issues, and that’s when HC Studios steps in. Our role is to slowly break down their issues into more manageable parts. Our child therapists have the knowledge and expertise to recognize, identify, pinpoint, assess, diagnose, and treat a range of mental health conditions and adjustment issues such as divorce, transitioning to a new school, bullying, grief and more. We have been specifically trained to learn how to help the child access their feelings and thoughts to help them make sense of what is going on in their minds, bodies, and lives.

Group Counseling_Hellcat Counseling

Group Counseling

Group therapy is all about helping yourself, while helping others, under the guidance of one of our trained therapists. You commit to 8 to 10 weeks with a small group of 5-10 individuals, and together, you explore the unique inter-relational dynamics of operating within a group setting. Typically, group therapy will have a general theme, such as Listening to Connect, Shame versus Guilt, How to Stop People Pleasing, or Adjusting to Change. Feedback flows between each contributor, including the therapist, and these exchanges help participants to be more mindful of their actions. The group meets for a set period of time, such as once a week for 8 or 10 weeks, and once the group starts, it remains closed to new participants.


What  is Therapy?

Are you ready to experience a new way of doing therapy? At HC Studios, we are on a mission to take the best of traditional therapy, mix it with new, intellectual, & creative encounters to help create one of the most dynamic and rewarding journeys of your life. We go against the grain, but it’s all for you.

Anger Management

Coping Skills

Emotional Disturbance


Couples Therapy


Family Conflict

Healthy Female Development

Behavioral Issues



Child or Adolescent

Domestic Abuse

Peer Relationships


Domestic Violence

Self Esteem

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