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Founder & Couples Therapist



What if conflict could be seen as the Golden Ticket to Intimacy?

What if we could reimagine conflict or struggle as an invitation to find the very thing you want -- deeper, more meaningful relationships?

What if we ran toward conflict instead of away?


Jennifer, also known as Seven, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and founder of HC Studios. For over 20 years, Seven has studied human development and the way fear impacts a person’s ability to experience life more fully. Now a grandmother, as well as a wife, mother, and stepmother, Seven’s passion is to help others deal with the sometimes overwhelming nature of life’s relationships.


Prior to landing in Southwest, Michigan, Seven spent over 15 years studying art, literature, philosophy, and religion, as well as traveling to Europe and India. She has accumulated years of studying human behavior and is continually inspired by her own studies and life relationships. She strongly believes that life presents us with what seems like little bits of hell here and there and all along the way when really they are just opportunities for us to learn how to grow in love -- not only with ourselves but with each other. We just need the tools to help us rethink our pain. 


Learning to love well is hard work. For Seven, it’s like learning to play one of her favorite childhood games: Operation. In this game, you have to carefully dig for the bones in the body without setting off the alarms. The game doesn’t change and the sequence stays the same. What you need to heal is within you and you gotta dig for it. Sure, you can drop your partner, pack up and put away the game, but the game of love doesn’t change. Learn the game. Dig deep. Follow the sequence. Listen to the alarms. Learn to love. You will heal. You will win.

  • Couples Therapy, Gottman Trained & Certified at Levels I, II, & III

  • Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI, Oxford University, Oxford, England, Talbot Seminary, La Mirada, CA, Andrew’s University, Berrien Springs, 

  • M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Board of Certified Counselors

HC Studios Brand Guide (2).png
HC Studios Brand Guide (2).png
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