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Compassion Fatigue is Real: Who is Taking Care of the Caregivers?

statistics on therapist burnout

Hello October! It is World Mental Health Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness, destigmatizing mental health issues, and emphasizing the importance of mental well-being, not only for our clients and communities, but also our Caregivers!

Just as therapists, teachers, counselors, doctors, and other caregivers from all walks of life help us navigate through the manifold complexities of our minds and lives, we consider it a privilege to ensure you are also receiving the support you need to continue your invaluable work.

HC Studios wants to better understand and address the causes of compassion fatigue and its downstream effects on patients, students, and our community as a whole. What we're observing is a hidden crisis behind the mental health crisis our communities are facing which led us to ask ourselves, ‘Who’s Taking Care of the Caregivers?’ Who is helping to take care of those on the frontlines?

Looking for ways to recenter between sessions? We hope you find solace in this complimentary series of guided meditations from Simplepractice, crafted to ease tension and foster tranquility in between sessions.

Data and resources from Simplepractice's 2023 Therapist Well-Being Report.

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