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Group & Grief Specialist


Have you ever felt loss? Pain-searing loss? Loss of a job, a loved one, an opportunity? Have you ever needed someone just to listen rather than try to fix?


For years, Xavier Morales has developed his passion for listening – listening to the terminally ill, the frustrated, the angry teen, or the confused parent.


As a chaplain for over 10 years and holding Masters in both Divinity and in Human Services Counseling, Xavier hopes that he listens to understand rather than to respond. He is specifically trained in grief support and group-based support, and is certified in trauma, dementia, dialectical behavioral therapy, and chaplaincy.


Thousands of hours have been spent interacting and helping patients as a hospital chaplain in trauma centers and law enforcement, and helping families navigate through the traumatic loss of their loved ones and the various types of spiritual dilemmas and questions loss inevitably brings up.


Xavier is the one to help walk with you through the dark that loss sometimes brings.

  • Association of Professional Chaplains

  • Board Certified Chaplain

  • Certified Dementia Practitioner with the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

  • Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional with the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

  • Certified Trauma Professional

  • Certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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